Apostle Willliams Our founder, Rev. Lynwal A. Williams AP (Apostle). was sent to pastor the Greater Bibleway Gospel Church in Cambridge in January 1984. A few years later he was appointed District Elder, followed by his consecration to the Bishopric of the Bibleway Worldwide UK organization (Pentecostal). He was then assigned to the East and West UK Jurisdiction, and eventually became the Diocesan Bishop of the UK Diocese and Overseas Missions Director.

Since his arrival in Cambridge, a profound difference has been seen in both the local community and the Church itself. He immediately established close working relationships with community-based groups, along with the universities, colleges and schools, setting up a Community College offering OCR, Competia, Job Centre, Work Base Learning Undergraduate Studies with partner Universities In London, English Language with Cambridge Universities, plus more. This was under the Cambridge Advance Technologies Training Institute (CATT) in order to give people a new sense of direction. These activities were creating opportunities for members of the ethnic population to take a more active role in their community by offering their talents, gifts and abilities and in turn developing a more harmonious working relationship.

The work of Apostle Williams has extended to many places in the UK and to different places in the world. He has been tirelessly preaching the Gospel and working with the Holy Spirit to deliver the sick, to counsel and comfort the poor, and to bring hope to the depressed. He has been assisting in educational development programs; with fundraising and donations for the provision of educational materials and financial aid. These activities stretch from Nigeria, Sera-Leone, Ghana in West Africa, to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania in East Africa, South India, British Guyana, South America, Barbados, St. Lucia, Trinidad and Jamaica in the West Indies and in the Philippines.